Cherry Hardwood Sideboard


Cherry Hardwood Sideboard


-Classic arts and crafts design sideboard built with cherry hardwood 

-Each are individually made.

-Epoxy coated drawer slides 

-Light stain with medium sheen lacquer clear coat.

-Delivered to your address

Shipping details:

Delivery will take place either by freight carrier or by our own vehicle and driver. The method of shipping is determined by distance from southern Michigan to delivery destination. If freight carrier is used the buyer will need to have at least two persons on sight to unpack and move the sideboard indoors. The freight carrier driver is only responsible to deliver sideboard onto delivery address property. A prearranged agreement with the freight carrier can be made most of the time if the buyer needs help moving the sideboard indoors. This will require an additional fee. The carrier will call to set up a day for delivery when the sideboard is at the local terminal and this will be the time to inquire about moving the piece indoors. The additional fee can be worked out at this time. If delivery is by our vehicle and driver, we gladly help move the sideboard indoors with assistance from the buyer or buyer's representative at no additional charge. Buyer can choose to have our vehicle and driver deliver if destination is beyond our range of delivery but there is an additional charge.

Please contact if you have questions about the sideboard or about shipping details.

Please allow 6 weeks from purchase date until delivery is scheduled.

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